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The World Supermodel South Pacific Production was held successfully at the Pearl Resort for the 3rd year – after a count back over a small technicality – the following titles have been officially awarded to the following Finalists:
Overall Winner and World Supermodel South Pacific – Maddison Braak
World Teen Supermodel South Pacific – Kauri Eddie

Last year the Wildcard Entry was nominated to Fiji, this year it was nominated to Australia and awarded to Dani Fitch – World Supermodel Australasia

World Teen Supermodel South Pacific Runner up – Michaela Pyne
World Supermodel South Pacific runner up – Kolora Momoedonu

Miss Congeniality – Olivia Tams
Miss Photogenic – Chelsea Freestone
Best Evening Gown – Renee Hunt
Best Swimwear – Michaela Pyne

We would like to thank all of our Partners and Sponsors and look forward to their continuing support.
Congratulations to the the Winners and also to the other Delegates you have all done so well