Host Country

China Host Country
Macau Host City

China secures the rights to host the 10th annual World Supermodel Production and
the International Fashion Week May 21-28, 2017
2017 Latest News

The story of the World Supermodel Production in Macau

(Left)World Supermodel South Africa - Belinde Schreuder
- World Supermodel 2017 Winner / Miss Photogenic

(Right)World Teen Supermodel Mongolia - Alongoo Tungalagtamir
- World Teen Supermodel 2017 Winner / Best Evening Gown / Overall Winner

Hollywood Acting Scholarship - World Supermodel Norway - Valentina Yazykova

Miss Congeniality - World Supermodel Fiji - Zaira Begg

Best Swimwear - World Supermodel Macau - Annabelle Lin

World Teen Supermodel Runner Up - World Teen Supermodel UK - Molly-Mae Hague

World Supermodel Australia - Alison McNamara - Best Designer / World Supermodel Runner-up


Shinetuya puts Mongolia on the map as the new Teen Supermodel sensation
- Magazine Cover and Two full page spread

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